Exmouth Whale Shark Adventure


The Journey from Perth

Once you pick up your 4×4 Camper vehicle you can set off on your adventure Leaving at around 9 am

  • Travel to Geraldton (4hrs) and stop off to have some lunch at Dome with spectacular ocean views
  • Spend the day sightseeing in Geraldton including the Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park where you can see a saltwater crocodile and some of the Aussie wildlife including dingos emus and kangaroos.
  • Head off by 4 pm to Billabong Roadhouse (2hrs 30mins) have some dinner before sunset and stop over for the night.
  • Fill up your vehicle grab some breakfast and hit the road  (2hrs 30 min) stop off for lunch in Canarvan and visit the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum,
  • Have some lunch then head off to Exmouth (4hrs)
  • Have a burger to eat at Planet Burges then head off to the Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park for the night
  • Get up early and head off for the Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks

WhaleShark Swim(Rhincodon Typus) Ningaloo Exmouth

These fish, the largest of the shark family and the largest fish in the world, is a harmless plankton eater. Reported to reach 18 metres (60ft) but averages 12 metres (40ft) in length, the whale shark is easily identified by its huge size, wide mouth and distinctive pattern of white spots. Thought to mainly inhabit worldwide temperate and tropical seas, it is rarely seen in shallow coastal waters, but is a daily visitor to the Ningaloo Reef every year between late March to August when up to 30 whale sharks have been spotted close to the Ningaloo reef feeding on the plankton in the nutrient-rich waters.

  • Deluxe Whale Shark Tour includes :
    • FREE Video of your Whaleshark Swim Tour by Profesional Videographer
    • An unforgettable day on board our well-equipped vessels, with the World’s Leading WhaleShark SwimTeam
    • Quality service and handy tips to maximise your time spent with the Ningaloo Whale Sharks
    • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and refreshments throughout the day
    • A celebrational glass of sparkling wine or light beer to end your adventure
    • For all of our WhaleShark Swim Adventures, we employ a light aircraft to fly overhead throughout the day to spot each shark and guide the boat to it. Our plane time is NOT limited to two hours.
    • Fully qualified and experienced Crew who will answer your questions, help with your gear and brief you on how to get the most from your day!
    • A Pre-Whaleshark Snorkle lesson for everyone
    • All DPaW fees included, a proportion of your ticket price goes towards Whaleshark Research.
    • Good ‘Whaleshark Swim’ Guarantee, in the unlikely event you just didn’t get a good swim or maybe in the one day of the season, no whale shark was sighted on your Whale Shark Adventure with us . We offer a free repeat tour on standby, yours to take any time in the next 3 years. (conditions apply).
    • Free Mini Golf /Amusement centre Voucher
    • No Gimics, Just great Whaleshark swims & Great Service, with boats designed for Whalesharking & Crew who Love it.
    Your Crew will brief and assist you throughout the day with information about the Whale Sharks: sex, behaviour, feeding patterns, how to take photos and more. They will also instruct you on how to best approach and swim with the Whale Sharks, so that your encounter with the world’s largest fish is a truly memorable one.

Before you leave Exmouth

Yardie Creek

  • Stay another night at the Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park  so you can take in the amazing experience of the day and watch the sunset from the Lighthouse lookout
  • There is a great little boat tour in Yardie Creek that is worth the trip and great value for money so once you wake up head to Yardie Creek
  • Visit the Milyering Visitor Centre
  • Great snorkelling locations along the way back.
Yardie Creek

The Journey Back to Perth

On the way back stop off at Coral Bay (1hr 30 mins)

  • Spend a day snorkelling in the amazing coral bay
  • Have a meal at the local pub and spend a night at the caravan park before starting the journey back to Perth
  • Fill up with fuel and drive to Canarvan (2hrs 30mins) to stop for lunch
  • Head to Shark Bay (4hrs) watch the sunset and park up for the night
  • Visit the Shark bay visitors centre & Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Monkey Mia
  • Kalbarri
  • Geraldton
  • Perth
  • Sleep for a few days to recover