About Broome

Broome is an outstanding town which is situated in the region of Kimberley, north Western Australia. Also, the place is hugely famous for its pearling history, breathtaking sightseeing and beautiful ranges of cultures.

The place is ideal for you if you are looking for something which is entirely different than any other place, you will want to come back again igf this sounds good then make Broome your next stop!

Best kept secret in Broome

Did you know that Broome is one of the best kept game fishing hot spots in Australia for Sailfish?

Broome Billlfish Charters Contact Chris 0407 682 241

Fishing season

Billfish season starts in April and goes thru to Oct/Nov weather dependant. Around mid June the Humpback whales and bait schools start appearing in numbers. ‘Where there’s Whales there’s Sails’. Make sure you checkout our  tide chart for the best chance of hooking up to a Sailfish, Marlin or one of our many pelagic species.

Broome Billfish Charters

Contact Chris at Broome Billfish Charters for a price on multiple day charters. Broome Billlfish Charters

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Broome, Western Australia, 6725

Sunset Camel Rides on Cable Beach

Sunset Camel Rides on Cable Beach

Uniquely Broome

A great site to find about more that Broome has to offer is Uniquely Broome You can also pick up a copy of the Uniquely Broome book that has vouchers and lots of useful information including maps from the visitor’s centre

Top best places in Broome that you must visits:

#1 Gantheaume Point

Well, interested in knowing more about dinosaurs? Gantheaume point has lots of things for you then.  Here you can find the footprints of dinosaurs, almost 130 million years old. It also counts as one of the most unusual and best paleontological sites where you can also watch dolphins and whales who are migrating to the lighthouse of Gantheaume point. This is also were Broome Billlfish Charters launch their boat Billistic.

#2 Broome Historical Museum

For knowing more about the city and back stories, Broome historical museum is an ideal place where you can spend some time. For kids, here are different quizzes in a museum where they can explore the learning adventure.  Also, it’s a place where you can find out more about the pearling industry and the history behind it. Visit the Japanese cemetery where you will get to know more about those pearl fishers and their life. The cemetery can tell you lots about the cyclone that happened in 1908 and how they lost their lives.

#3 Cable Beach

It’s connecting Australian North West to the entire world with the telegraph cable which is stretched between Broome and java.  Cable beach is one of the most famous tourist places in Broome where lots of people visit every year. Tourist also enjoys the sunset and sunrise rides on camels, and you can also enjoy the sightseeing and beautiful creation of nature with your own eyes.

#4 Broome Bird Observatory

After travelling for 10,000 Kilometers, the birds arrive at this place in between August and October.  However, they stay for March and April months. The site was built in 1988, counted as one of the best places if you want to enjoy the bird watching.  Broome Bird Observatory is established near the Roebuck bay shores and East Asian Australian flyway.

#5 Rowley Shoals

One of the most recommended diving and snorkelling sea situated near south Timor.  It’s a group of coral reefs who like an atoll. It’s a great chance to experience the crazy side of marine life. You can also see various marine animals, dolphins, whales, fish etc. which is unique and only found in Australia

#6 Sun Picture Gardens

One of the oldest outdoor cinema built in 1913 and still very active as well as providing a unique experience for the tourist. However, different than any other outdoor cinema, here you can enjoy other types of films every night. Also for getting a better experience, buy popcorn, ice cream or soft drinks. For those who want to have hot food, then they have to bring it on their own.

#7 Willie Creek Pearl Farm

The place allows you to discover as much as you want about pearling. Here you will get to see the most beautiful pearls with excellent quality and sizes.  For that, you have to visit Willi Creek pearl farm which also offers their tourist to buy the most beautiful pearl from Australian south sea coast.

Don’t miss these things during your stay in Broome

Enjoy the crab races

Well enjoy a crazy race of carbs and try your chances to win. It’s a perfect spot where you can enjoy some time with your family and friends. Also, the race is held on Sundays.

Don’t forget to do shopping

Your trip is incomplete without doing shopping in courthouse market.  The place is packed with local markets and shops where you can buy arts and crafts. Also, you can taste the fantastic food and roam here and there interacting with locals.

Must visit Buddha sanctuary

Find your inner peace in Buddha sanctuary that is 3.5 meters and built with crystal. Here you can get a chance to meditate and practice yoga for good health. Lots of visitors also like to visits here for relaxing purpose. The Buddha here is famous for its grandeur. Also, people believe that he blesses his people with good health and healing power.

Get the best experience of fishing

Go roebuck bay if you want to get the best fishing experience in your life. Catch fishes like threadfin salmon, barramundi, mangrove jack etc. If not then you can also get your boat for fishing, and if you want to enjoy, you can even hire professionals who will do that work on your behalf.

Get a fantastic experience with a caravan

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