Overseas Driver’s License

We highly recommend that drivers carry a valid driver’s license from their country of origin as well as an international driver’s license if available for translation purposes. Ensure both licenses are carried with you at all times.


As you travel across the majestic country of Australia in your quality 4WD rental or campervan for hire from our outstanding rental fleet, keep this information in mind:

Aboriginal Land Permits
Aboriginal lands are private property. Tracks on these lands will be marked “Permit Required.” However, applying for a permit does not automatically mean it will be granted. Even if you are granted a permit, it is important to read the term carefully. Also remember that permission can be withdrawn at any time.

Permits are granted by the responsible Land Council. It is important to note that Councils carry out the instructions given by the traditional owners (or T.O.’s) living along the tracks. As there may be many such T.O.s, in communities or outstations, conditions can vary. In fact, many times your permit application is carried to the T.O.’s physically for their approval. Unfortunately, as more travellers have disregarded permit requirements and travelled regardless, many locations have shut to visitors completely.

The two types of permits issues are;

Transit permits: These permits allow you to transit through the area only. Stopping, leaving the track, or camping is not automatically allowed, as there are many sacred sites along the way. When you apply for a transit permit, you are usually asked to nominate a window of travel from 3 days to as long as a month. If a longer window is accepted, it generally means you can stop or camp.

Entry permits: These permits allow you to “access and remain on aboriginal land.” They are usually applicable if you are visiting a community or staying overnight.

Costs of permits, access and camping vary from free to over $100.

Permit overview