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Gold Prospecting in Meekatharra WA

Meekatharra is a town in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Meekatharra is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of little water’.

It maybe the ‘place of little water’ however gold can certainly be found there. With the recent downpour of rain, gold prospectors are flocking to Meekatharra with the hopes of striking it rich. Many have already successfully found small amounts of gold with the heavy rains making it easier.

Meekatharra is a town with golden prospects.

Situated on the Great Northern Highway, Meekatharra is the largest centre in the Murchison, easily accessible with excellent sealed roads from Perth in the south, Geraldton in the west and further north into the Pilbara. Sealed roads aside, there are some fantastic offroad tracks perfect for 4 wheel driving.

Sights to see in Meekatharra include;

Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail:

At the Shire pick up a guide for the Discovery Trail, which takes you to Meeka Lookout and through the town during an easy 3 km walk around Meekatharra Creek.

Meekatharra Museum:

Located in the library of the Shire building, the museum has many photographs and interesting memorabilia on the history of Meekatharra. Most items have been donated by local people who want to preserve the town’s heritage. The Meekatharra Museum is open from 8:00 am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

State Battery:

In Meekatharra’s Centenary Year of 1994, the State Battery was relocated to Main Street in acknowledgment of the early prospectors and miners. It stands proudly near Meekatharra Creek with other interesting relics from Meekatharra’s gold mining past.

Royal Flying Doctors Base:

The Flying Doctors are synonymous with the outback, and in Meekatharra you can tour the base located at the northern end of Main Street. Visitors are welcome between 9am and 2pm daily to learn about the integral role of this vital service.

Meekatharra Meteorological Office:

The Meteorological Office is loacted at the airport 5 km from town, call 9981 1191 to arrange a tour. The office is part of the Bureau of Meteorology network, and weather balloons are launched twice a day.

Picture Gardens:

One of the last outdoor cinemas in Western Australia, the Picture Gardens regularly screen new and old movies.

Peace Gorge:

Just 3 km from town the gorge has fascinating granite rock formations, and is an ideal picnic spot. Its reputation for picnics dates back to World War I when servicemen were welcomed home with a gala picnic at the gorge. Since that day, the area has been known as Peace Gorge.

25 Mile Well:

The well has been restored as a tribute to the old drovers and stockmen. Locted 40 km north on the Great Northern Highway.

Wildflowers & Wildlife:

Meekatharra is surrounded by wildflowers after the winter rains, and flora enthusiasts will see the red Sturt Pea (signature flower of Meekatharra). While you’re out and about you may also see emus, kangaroos, wedge-tailed eagles and bungarra lizards which are prevalent in the area.

Gold Mining Pits and Prospecting:

The region around Meekatharra shows evidence of the Murchison’s rich gold mining heritage. Many gold mines are operating in the district, with old and new pits providing a fascinating and spectacular site. There are prospecting sites around the town such as Peak Hill to the north, a particular favourite for visitors which yields regular finds.

Nallan Lake:

Located between Cue and Meekatharra, this picturesque lake is a great spot for a picnic, camping or bushwalking.

Mt Gould Police Station:

Built in 1888, you can visit this old police station located 156km west of Meekatharra on the Meekatharra-Carnarvon Road.

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